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bluefeet: Op-Eds and Essays – Kim Perez

bluefeet writer and strategic thinker extraordinaire Kim Perez is studying sustainability at Harvard and is an advocate for fair trade.

6-minute web film — "The Coffee Delegates"
Kim partnered with bluefeet filmmaker Dave Carstens to produce a fast-paced glimpse of intentional travel in action in rural Nicaragua. — "Bringing Health Care to Remote Villages"
Kim wrote this short article on mobile health clinics after traveling through rural Malawi, where she visited multiple humanitarian projects throughout the southern region of the country.

Pasadena Weekly — "Hard Work = Fair Trade"
Kim was quoted as an expert on fair trade and about her research trip visiting women coffee producers in Nicaragua.

Pasadena Weekly — "Telling Tales"
Kim wrote this article about two talented musical storytellers and about bluefeet filmmaker Dave Carstens, who captured their story in a documentary for KCET in Los Angeles.

Bulldog Reporter — "If You Don’t Love to Write — Don’t Bill For It"
Some might call this a rant, but at bluefeet we feel strongly that anyone charging money for writing should take seriously both the art and the craft.

Adoption Voices — "Carry My Own Weight"
A personal essay on how Kim’s experiences as an adoptee helped forge her gift and passion for contingency planning.