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Talent: Strengths Finder

Strengths guru Marcus Buckingham shares the case for strengths in this video...

A core tool in the bluefeet method, Gallup's StrengthsFinder is an easy-to-understand snapshot that shows how you rock. The theory: instead of investing so much in your weaknesses, what if you discovered your strengths and channeled your energies there?

In theory, people know what they're good at, but this helps them claim it and proclaim it in ways that anyone can understand.

A great tool for individual development as well as for team building, the 30-minute online StrengthsFinder assessment offers a wealth of content to help us make the most of our diverse talents.

You can see the strengths of our team on our brand boards by clicking on the arrow next to the person's name.

Read a sample report. You can also read the 'Strengths Based Leaders' book.

StrengthsBased Leadership — Gallup also divides the strengths into leadership qualities that provide insight into how you lead. Find out more »