Executive Succession Services

Why should I follow you? Why should I invest in you? Why should I put my trust in you?

These are the unspoken questions your stakeholders ask when a new executive takes over. From employees and customers to investors and community members, connecting with clear, confident content is critical to success. Right from the start, or even sooner.

bluefeet addresses all succession scenarios:

Those you think you know
  • Execs promoted from within
  • Execs from outside, known by reputation
Those you vaguely know
  • Execs moved from a different region
Those who are unknown
  • Execs from outside the company or even the country

Custom packages may include:

Strategic action plan with touch points for every audience

Executive brand book and branding package that includes all the tools needed to develop authentic content – proactive, reactive and interactive:

  • Positioning
  • Elevator pitch
  • Key messages
  • Sound bites
  • Stories
  • Achievements
  • Passions
  • Bios

Presentation and message delivery training
Facilitation of and preparation for introductory Q&A sessions
Thought leadership content – presentations, op-eds, bylines, media relations

Ensure a smooth succession. Give your leaders bluefeet.

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