Logo Makeovers

One thing is certain about a new company logo – some people will hate it, others will love it. But everyone will have an opinion. Change is hard, even when it’s good.

Many companies used the recession to make changes – to reposition, rebrand and even relaunch. The goal is to connect with how people feel today, and create trust for the future, be that in the next hour, year or generation.

Some branding changes were welcome, others were startling. Some grew on us and others bombed.

bluefeet, along with its partners at Double Vision Design, compiled this sampling of logo makeovers. Enjoy, and please add your input about other new logos you liked (or didn’t).

MySpace Logo Olay Logos TCBY cnn1 CN1 discovery_kids Porter_novelli Starbucks Seattles_Best explorer comedy_central Big_10 double_tree on_star