Optimism Playlist: “Good Morning Starshine”

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Daryl McCullough bluefeet Optimism Playlist guest contributor


Daryl McCullough, CEO and Global Chairman, Citizen Relations



What do you do:

– For work?

I run a global Communications agency.

– For fun?

I run a global communications agency with people I adore.

Your contribution to the optimism playlist?

Good Morning Starshine” from Hair Soundtrack

Why did you pick this song? What does it do for you?

“Good Morning, Starshine” defines happiness for me. It reminds me that every day is full of opportunity. It starts with celebrating our opportunity to be grateful: Grateful for the day, for music and for people and things we love. But for me, it is the song’s playfulness — including the silly made-up lyrics and its own self-referential love of music – it grounds me in the spirit of creativity, positivity and youthful exuberance. We can easily take ourselves way too seriously in today’s business world, either buried by deadlines or anxious over performance results. I dare you to sing along with the lyrics “gliddy glup gloopy, nibby, nabby, noopy” without opening up to the potential a new day brings.

Anything else you want to say?

Every day brings a choice: How will you approach the day? How will you treat the people you meet? What positive energy will you give back to the world today?

Where can we find you?


We put our bodies on a diet. Why not our brains? This is the motivation for our optimism playlist.

Here’s proof that optimism rules. That it’s good for business. And music, of course, improves health and well being

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