Optimism Playlist: Waka Waka

Optimism Playlist: "Waka Waka" by Shakira


We put our bodies on a diet. Why not our brains? This is the motivation for our optimism playlist.

Here’s proof that optimism rules. That it’s good for business. And music, of course, improves health and well being

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Kim Perez, Writer


What do you do:

– For work?

I am your ghostwriter. I take the ideas, expertise and stories in your head and turn them into crisp language so you can share your brilliance with those who matter most.

– For fun?

Read. Write. Walk. Hike, when it’s not too hot. Binge-watch audition clips where the person first discovers how good she is.

Your contribution to the Optimism Playlist?

Waka Waka” by Shakira

Why did you pick this song? What does it do for you?

It pumps me up, gets the energy flowing, and makes me feel ready to tackle any challenge – a big project, a tough workout, a blank page.

This was the official song for the 2010 World Cup, held in South Africa. I happened to be visiting Africa for the first time that summer, and I also have a soft spot for soccer, since I played for eight years when I was younger. So the song probably hit all right chords for me. It’s become my anthem.

The pressure’s on
You feel it
But you got it all
Believe it

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