Presentation and Message Delivery

Sound Bites and Stories

Why you? Why should I listen to you? That’s what the guy in the back of the room checking his email is saying.

bluefeet gives you the answer to that question with sound bites and stories – the two critical components to compelling verbal content. Sound bites grab attention. Stories create the connection. You need both to be effective.

There’s a reason we always go right to the Snapshot graph in USA Today. Data is compelling. But can you remember a statistic you saw years ago?

We love facts and figures, but we remember stories, even years later.

bluefeet will help you grab attention and hold it, with sound bites and stories that will have audiences remembering you and your business.



Start with storytelling, end with a real presentation to a live audience. bluefeet focuses on practical application with work in progress, not just theory that you might use someday. Learning this way aids retention and prepares you for your next speaking opportunity.

– Two half-day sessions for up to four executives
– Individual coaching with initial minimum


Speech/presentation writing, graphics and other content services are all available from bluefeet.

Message Delivery


Learn how to make the most of every opportunity by communicating in a way that is authentic and engaging. Whether your audience is a group of employees you need to motivate, or prospects you need to persuade, sound bites and stories will get you there.


Key message, elevator pitch and related communication content development are all available from bluefeet

Make the world take notice. Get yourself some bluefeet.

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