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I Take It Personally

I Take It Personally bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud

I suppose I should be flattered that you want to be LinkedIn to me, but could you spare a minute to say hello?

Picture yourself at an in-person networking event.

  • If I hadn’t seen you in years, would you approach me and start talking? No, you would greet me first: “Hey! Great to see you! How’ve you been?”
  • If I met you yesterday and then ran into you the next day, would you pass me by? No. You’d say: “Hey! Nice to see you again. It was great talking with you yesterday…”
  • If I didn’t know you at all, would you engage me in conversation without introducing yourself? No. At least not for more than a couple of minutes.

Yet all these things happen regularly on LinkedIn. And I take it personally. Read the Rest

Rude, Wimpy, Sexist

Rude, Wimpy, Sexist - bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud

Is that what people think of you after shaking your hand?

The most talked-about topic in my recent round of interview workshops was – the handshake. Who knew this would be such a controversial subject? Not me.

The issue? The proper way for a man to shake a woman’s hand. Just to set the stage, while these groups were primarily men, they worked for a company with a female CEO. Read the Rest