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Start with Why

Start With Why bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud

What do you do?
What does your company do?

Simple questions, but that doesn’t mean you should give a simplistic answer.

I’m a banker, lawyer, doctor. My company makes widgets, provides legal services, lobbies for women’s empowerment.

You’ve just shared what you do. Congratulations. You are now the equivalent of a can of peas. You’ve just told the world you are a commodity.

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Personal Brand-Building for Introverts

I just started reading Quiet, by Susan Cain, and realized with some discomfort that I, as a personal branding expert and presentation coach, am part of our cultural drive towards extroversion.

We weren’t always this way, favoring or even requiring people to be extroverts. The author describes a cultural shift around the turn of the 20th Century from the Culture of Character to the Culture of Personality. A mass movement from farms to cities, from agriculture to industry, drove this change. Rather than working with neighbors, people were now working with strangers. Read the Rest