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bluefeet goes to Harvard

Kim Perez, Harvard Sustainability Masters Program, bluefeet blog

This blog is a brag, a congratulations and a we’re-so-proud-of-you all wrapped into one. Our head writer, Kim Perez, was recently accepted to Harvard University’s Extension School program for a Master’s in Sustainability.

Woo hoo! Way to go, Kim!

Besides all the great material she creates for bluefeet clients, Kim is also studying things like urban planning, energy, land use, systems thinking, and even statistics.

Kim’s goal – to fix something.

She does that for bluefeet clients every day. People always tell her she takes the chaos in their brains and makes it clear. Over time she’s figured out what she’s drawn to is systems – making complex things simple. (If you’ve ever read her blog about efficient, minimal travel, you know she’s been simplifying things since childhood).

But what does this mean in the context of sustainability, and what is sustainability, anyway?

Global sustainability means making sure we humans are doing things in a way that ensures life today as well as tomorrow. It’s the ultimate design challenge for someone who likes to tinker with systems to make them more efficient.

Kim’s always looking for ways to be better, to grow and learn. So far, she’s researched and written about fair trade, visiting artisans in El Salvador and producing a short web film about meeting coffee growers in Nicaragua. She reported on delivering healthcare to remote villages in Malawi for, and wrote a white paper on rainwater harvesting for a client. She volunteered in a fair trade retail store.

A few years ago she looked out at 10-year goals and realized she could go deeply into an area of interest, be the academic she always wanted to be, and get a new degree with years to spare in her career. She was thrilled to discover the degree program in sustainability at Harvard, and she’s almost half-way through.

We’d love to put Kim’s knowledge and sensibilities to work for clients in this area. Let us know if you need help with:

  • Telling stories about what your organization is doing related to sustainability, so your customers, investors and employees know about your results.
  • Inspiring employees and partners to get excited about your company’s green initiatives.
  • Making the case for changing the way your company or community does things.

And anything else that involves turning chaos into clarity – finding a simple way to share your complexity.

Kim Perez, Harvard Sustainability Masters, bluefeet blog