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Lessons From a Flash Mob

Hallelujah! I sang in a flash mob this holiday season. It was a blast, but more mob than flash.

Organized by Nordstrom and the LA Master Chorale, it was a fun outing for 300 singers in the LA area and their friends who gathered for the experience. It was a surprise only for a few who were trying to finish their Christmas shopping on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

It’s hard to slip 300 people into a mid-sized department store, or ask them to keep a secret. But was it really supposed to be a secret? Didn’t Nordstrom want more people to show up?

It’s a secret?
A couple days before, we got an e-mail saying no posting on Facebook or Twitter or the secret would be out. By then I’d already told many friends, but had resisted the temptation to post it. Read the Rest