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Hold the Handouts

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Mindful Meetings Part I

I was standing at the front of a room full of board members, doing my best to hold their attention with my dazzling facilitation when one of the members jumps up to take a phone call – in the room. Read the Rest

Point of View


Once, when I lived in Australia, I saw a picture of the earth from space and was instantly disoriented. I knew it was Earth. We’ve all seen these iconic pictures many times – the ones that make us realize how small we are in the scheme of things, how beautiful our planet is, and how, in the grand view, we actually have a lot in common because we all call Earth our home.

But something about this image made my brain bend. Read the Rest

An Antidote for Slow Growth

Remember the days when making money was easy? Yeah….that’s not gonna happen again. Not any time soon.

While the economy is picking up, the expectation is for slow growth. SLOW growth.

During the boom times, many businesses were able to just hang out their virtual shingle and the money would roll in. Stay in touch with a few contacts and that sufficed for marketing outreach.

Consequently, many entrepreneurs forgot or never learned how to do the core activities to keep business coming in. Add to that the reluctant entrepreneurs – people who have no choice but to be in business for themselves. Some of these fundamentals may not be part of their skill set at all. Read the Rest