The Politics of Eating Out

The Politics of Eating Out bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud

It isn’t often that food and demographics go together, unless you’re in the business of marketing restaurants. I’m strictly a consumer myself when it comes to food, but I love this bubble graph on The Politics of Eating Out.

Designed in the wake of the Chik-fil-a controversy (which I’m not going to get into here), it illustrates the voting behavior of diners at various restaurant chains – how likely they are to vote, and whether they lean Democrat or Republican.

Authors of the accompanying article recommend that marketers understand the politics of their audience as much as their product preferences. Based on my own crisis communications experience, that sounds like good advice.

Interesting that the largest food chain of all – McDonald’s – straddles the line between red and blue perfectly. It’s nice to know that there’s something we can all agree on, even if it is just freedom fries. I mean, french fries. I mean, even if it is just fries.