Flash Strategy Session

Ignite momentum for your project, department,  executive or change with a flash strategy session.

You need this if you:

  • Have something on your to-do list for too long – it’s stuck!
  • Don’t know where to start your project
  • Offer training (or other things) that no one signs up for
  • Need to convince people to change a significant process
  • Want to engage, inspire, persuade with an important presentation or proposal
  • Are introducing a new exec to the world, or even to your employees
  • Aren’t getting the impact you want from the work you’re doing

Your commitment: 3 hours | $3,500


  • Answer these questions in advance
  • Meet with us for two hours
  • Review our recommendations
  • Get clarity, perspective and momentum


  • Review your answers in advance
  • Brainstorm with you for two hours to create ideas, clarify goals and determine approach
  • Capture the brainstorm and afterthoughts in writing and share it with you

All in One Week