Optimism Playlist: A Beautiful Morning

Matt Kreikmeier OPContributor:

Matt Kreikemeier
Founder & Technology Director at Leverage New Age Media




What do you do:

– For work?

Anything in the creative or technical space – websites, apps, brand strategies, digital strategies etc.

– For fun?

I try to remain somewhat active by playing soccer, but I spend most of my time hanging out with my family.  I’ve got a very close group of friends and we try to get together a couple of times a month, once with our families and once with just the guys.

Your contribution to the optimism playlist?

A Beautiful Morning by The Rascals

Why did you pick this song? What does it do for you?

This is one of those songs that can turn a night owl (me), into a morning bird (not usually me).  The lyrics are inherently optimistic and if you buy into the notion of starting your day on a positive note to ensure the highest level of productivity, this is the song for you.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

This song is also oddly close to my heart as it takes me back to my college days.  I played soccer at Michigan State and while most of my teammates would wake up and play rap/hip-hop/rock-n-roll to begin to mentally prepare on game days, my roommate and best friend would play “A Beautiful Morning.”  It reminded us of how lucky we were to be in the situation to represent our school by simply playing a game we love.

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SnapChat: callmegoon



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