Optimism Playlist: Strength, Courage and Wisdom

Laura for OPContributor:

Laura Foti Cohen
A former New Yorker who fondly remembers when Times Square was edgy and disco and punk co existed.



What do you do:

– For work?

I’m a writer, editor and marketing consultant.  I also qualify for that bumper sticker that says, “Stop me before I volunteer again.”

– For fun?

Well, work is plenty of fun when it’s done correctly. But the most fun is writing plays, which I do with the support of theater workshop group Fierce Backbone in Hollywood. Also hiking, biking and all those other things that online dating profiles say.

Your contribution to the optimism playlist?

Strength, Courage and Wisdom by India.Arie

Why did you pick this song? What does it do for you?

Optimism doesn’t always come naturally; sometimes we have to force it. India.Arie describes saying no to fear and harnessing the strength, courage and wisdom to keep moving forward.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I wrote a novel with a soundtrack and create playlists for all kinds of events, including a recent high school reunion and a friend’s birthday. So I’m a little OCD when it comes to music and sifted through more than a dozen favorite songs to get to this one.

Where can we find you?

Website: and

Twitter: @LoveHowTo




We put our bodies on a diet. Why not our brains? This is the motivation for our optimism playlist.

Here’s proof that optimism rules. That it’s good for business. And music, of course, improves health and well being

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