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The Politics of Eating Out

The Politics of Eating Out bluefeet blog post by Lilli Cloud

It isn’t often that food and demographics go together, unless you’re in the business of marketing restaurants. I’m strictly a consumer myself when it comes to food, but I love this bubble graph on The Politics of Eating Out.

Designed in the wake of the Chik-fil-a controversy (which I’m not going to get into here), it illustrates the voting behavior of diners at various restaurant chains – how likely they are to vote, and whether they lean Democrat or Republican. Read the Rest

Win : Lose – Rolling Stone : McChrystal

In life and business, we strive for the win – win, but war is different. In war you’re fighting for your life.

The big winner in the Rolling Stone-McChrystal controversy is most definitely Rolling Stone. In an era where every media outlet is fighting for its life, the controversy is a gift to Rolling Stone. It reminds millions more potential readers that Rolling Stone is a home for serious journalism. Read the Rest