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Mindfulness has been described as the new killer app, the new caffeine, and a must-have tool for every 21st century leader. But is it all that?

Oh yeah.

This is #2c of my series Lessons from Luxury Goods— radiate a calm presence. So you can show up like you’re worth it, which you are.

Step one, from August 5: stop overscheduling.

Step two from August 12: stop multitasking.

Step three: meditate so you can be more mindful.

Wait? Is it mindfulness or meditation? Or is it mindfulness meditation?

Think of it this way:


Say you decide you want to get strong so you can look great and impress your friends by lifting heavy objects, or at the very least, be able to get your suitcase into the overhead bin all by yourself. You know getting strong will help you:

  • maintain balance
  • prevent injuries
  • dance, bike, run, play ping pong or whatever you love to do
  • get down (and up from) the floor to play with small children and animals
  • do every physical movement better and easier

How do you get strong? You do strength training.

You go to the gym. You hire a trainer. You lift weights regularly and often. Over time, you become stronger and more able to do everything with greater ease.

Consistent training helps you stay strong and get stronger so you can take on even greater physical challenges.


Now, replace the word strong with the word mindful.

Say you want to get mindful so you can:

  • focus and get more work done
  • be less upset about past slights or disappointments and move on to what’s happening today
  • achieve a goal like getting strong, eating fewer carbs or running a marathon
  • give your your boss, colleagues or loved ones the attention they need and deserve
  • manage physical or emotional pain
  • be calm and even happy sitting in traffic or standing in lines
  • radiate the calm energy of executive presence
  • experience every joyous, precious moment of your life

How do you get mindful? You meditate.

You can go on an in-person retreat; to a class at a yoga studio, church or meditation center; take a class or do a mini-retreat from the comfort of your own home with my teacher. Heck, there’s even an app for thata bunch of them.

Consistent meditation keeps you mindful, and helps you grow even more mindful over time so you can handle any challenge better — physical or emotional.

Besides being a productivity hack with all of the above-listed benefits, the mindfulness you get from your meditation practice will help you focus when you’re interacting with a boss, colleague, board member or funder. You’ll make them feel important and heard, and you’ll come across as a person who has their act together — because you do.

Have a great week, hopefully filled with more mindful moments. And for more on radiating presence, please tune in to my weekly facebook live streams Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. PDT


Mindfulness – All the Cool Leaders Are Doing It

Mindfulness is now mainstream.

Companies from Google to General Mills have mindfulness meditation programs for their employees. Ford’s futurist named mindfulness one of the top trends influencing brands and products in 2016.

Silicon Valley – creator of all those distracting devices – is leading the way. They even have a tech/mindfulness conference called Wisdom 2.0.

Mindfulness has been described as the new killer app, the new caffeine, and a must-have tool for every 21st century leader.

But is it all that?

Neuroscientists think so. Our founder thinks so. She’s been at it for nearly a decade. Who couldn’t use a little more concentration, clarity and equanimity?

Is mindfulness part of your New Year?