Why You? Workshops

Future leaders are hiding inside your organization. Do you know who they are? Can they make the case for why they’re the one who can move the organization forward? Can they inspire others to follow?

This series of bluefeet workshops empowers future leaders to answer the question Why You? for their employees, peers and senior management, so people trust them to lead and are motivated to follow.

Workshop participants:

  • Discover, uncover or recover the unique talents they offer the organization.
  • Learn to communicate their strengths and successes to benefit themselves and the organization.
  • Learn how to read and connect with their target audience, be that employees, customers, senior management or board members.
  • Hone presentation and other communication skills required of all leaders.
  • Understand and express their leadership non-verbally.
  • Gain confidence to lead powerfully and authentically.

The bluefeet method includes:

  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Core Values
  • DNA Inventory
  • Colleague/Client Survey
  • Personal SWOT
Skill Building
  • Presentation
  • Non-Verbal
  • Q&A
  • Message Delivery
  • Meeting Prep
  • Ideal Work Day
  • Achievement Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Networking

Uncover the future of your organization. Help your emerging talent discover their bluefeet.

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